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Recycled Mulch (Black) - m3

Recycled Mulch (Black) - m3
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Recycled Mulch (Black) - m3

Enviromulch ® garden mulch is made from 100% recycled wood that’s air-dried. This process closes down the cells in the timber, which reduces its ability to hold water and thereby slows down the decomposition rate. This reduces the nitrogen demand from the soil, allowing the plants to absorb more of the fertiliser. So the plants are better-fed, and able to grow healthily. 

Weed growth is inhibited 

You’d think that more nitrogen in the soil might mean more weeds? Wrong! For one thing, Enviromulch ® garden mulch is graded to an average length of 50mm, which makes it difficult for weeds to grow. 

What’s more, unlike bark chippings, Enviormulch ® wood chips are made from recycled wood, so it’s free from seeds and plant matter. The garden mulch you can get from arborists can actually introduce weeds – but with Enviromulch® you don’t have that worry. 

Less need to water plants in dry weather 

Enviromulch ® garden mulch shields the soil from the sun, so the soil’s surface is kept cool and allows water retention. Consequently you won’t need to spend as much time watering those areas covered in Enviromulch® woodchips. 

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