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KiwiLock Fencing

 Post & Rail Fencing : KiwiLock®


KiwiLock® Post & Rail Fencing – Interlocking post and rail fencing is an innovative fencing system that is quick and easy to install. The rails are cut to length and slide straight through the machined posts to fit securely with no fixings required.

"After many attempts to design and buy a fence I was put on to KiwiLock. The system is magnificent. All the components fitted well, the timber was treated and dry, which made painting the next few days a breeze"

Precut for your project

We manufacture each fence to order in our yard to suit your requirements; no job is too big or too small. The end result gives you an individually designed high quality, great looking fence, which will last for years to come.

Delivered ready to build

KiwiLock® fencing can be transported or delivered with ease and can be erected on site by yourself or a contractor.

Installation Services available

Kiwitimber can arrange for the full installation of your fence on request, please contact us to arrange a quotation

Versatile And Strong

KiwiLock® Fencing is a strong, durable and versatile fencing solution. It is ideal for rural lifestyle blocks, driveways, subdivisions, equestrian centre's, boundary line fences, parks and recreational areas.

We supply a range of Post and Rail styles and sizes to fit your requirements and budget.

  • All posts have beveled tops.
  • Sawn Posts are No1 grade.
  • Timber rails are No.1 smooth: Ex 150mm x 50mm.

Options Available

  • RAILS – You can choose from 2, 3 or 4 rail options.
  • POSTS – You can choose from
    • 2 & 4 Rail - 125x125mm
    • 3 Rail - 125x125mm, 150x150mm, 200x200mm, 250x250mm and 300x300mm post sizes.

No Fixings Required

Our rail goes through the post. The rail cannot dislodge due to timber movement or shrinkage when installed correctly.


  • Posts 200mm and larger are rebated in 60mm.
  • Posts are sawn No.1 Grade
  • Rails are smooth 'dry' rail, Ex 150x50mm No.1 Grade 4.0m long
  • All posts have bevelled tops, posts are spaced 2m apart


Click here to download our PDF brochure

Online Calculator

Our KiwiLock® calculator makes it easy! Simply type in the length and number of rails you require for your fence and our clever fencing calculator will instantly generate your estimate.

Free No Obligation Quotes.

  • We can generate a quote from a supplied drawing via email
  • We can discuss over the phone 07 847 3443
  • Meet us at our office and we can discuss your project with you face to face
  • or simply complete the form below.