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Model: 1350022
A legend in the trade!!Trusted and relied upon by tradesmen - proven for over 35 years. The Contractor has withstood the harshest conditions and earned the respect of thousands.• Bolt Free Seamless Tray• No Rust Frame• Tough Steel Construction• Superior Balance and ControlPart no. 1350022 ..
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Model: 1260011
A great lightweight barrow that has been well proven around the home. The ECO is well balanced, easily maneuvered and toughenough to handle all those odd jobs in and around the garden.• Strong UV Stabilised 5mm Poly Tray• Rigid, lightweight, one piece, galvanised frame• Nylon wheel with pneumatic ty..
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Model: 1390043
Built for the rigours of the work site – equally at home in the back yard. Years of use have cemented the Ezipour barrow’s reputation. Designed to carry – built to pour. Bolt Free Tray, Superior Pouring, No Rust Frame, Heavy Duty Construction, 72 Litre capacity , Total ..
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Greens Ezipour Wheelbarrow Tray
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Model: WBTEP
Replacement tray for Ezipour wheelbarrow - Bolt Free design...
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Model: 1390050
The Ezipour Xtreme is a tremendous tool to pour with its spout design making pouring a breeze. This barrow is the best choice in superior quality, value and performance.• Flat-free Smart-Tyre• NEW! ‘Twist’ front stays• No Rust Frame• Superior Pouring..
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Model: 1370036
The big performer!Load it to the hilt... push it to the limit! The Loadmaster makes light work of shifting big loads fast and brings a new dimension to the worksite. Out performs others... day in, day out.• Easy Pushing• Bigger load - Lighter lift• No Rust Frame• Superior Balance and ControlPart no...
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Model: 1390068
Designed for the most demanding use in the building trade and public work. The steel construction is great for handling extra heavy loads.• Flat-free Smart-Tyre• NEW! ‘Twist’ front stays• 'Control - Pour’ Spout • Full Galvanized Rust Free Frame..
Ex Tax:$254.78
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