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Thread Sealant Tape is the ideal solution for sealing threads, can be used on pipe connections up to 2" diameter.PTFE thread sealant tape is ideal for sealing threaded joints, it provides a tight seal while providing natural lubrication to prevent galling of the threads.PTFE, thread seal tape i..
Ex Tax:$2.70
Model: 43850
Channel and Grate 100mmx1m Original Style..
Ex Tax:$95.60
Model: 43860
Acts as a joiner between cut end of DRAIN ChannelConnects together male ends of channel to a Corner, Tee Piece or End Cap..
Ex Tax:$18.48
Model: 43870
Channel and Grate Corner..
Ex Tax:$87.00
Model: 43865
Channel and Grate End Cap..
Ex Tax:$18.48
Channel and Steel Grate 100mmx1m
Out of Stock
Model: 43950-1M
Channel and Steel Grate 100mmx1m..
Ex Tax:$67.80
Cirtex AquaSleeve Temporary Downpipe 25m - Each
Out of Stock
Model: TDP13050
AquaSleeve® is a heavy duty UV stabilised plastic tubing which can be clamped or taped to an outer pipe for the following applications: Temporary Downpipes – For building sites where it is beneficial to redirect stormwater during construction to avoid excess surface water and muddy, efficiency ..
Ex Tax:$46.25
Dropper Outlet PVC 100mm..
Ex Tax:$13.31
Model: MC8B
Marley Backplate (MC8B)..
Ex Tax:$2.07
Marley Bracket Nails 27mm Galvanised Qty: 150 ..
Ex Tax:$7.88
Model: MC11.80
Marley Classic Dropper Outlet 80mm..
Ex Tax:$8.18
Marley Downpipe 95deg Junction 65mm
Out of Stock
Model: RJ65
Marley Downpipe 95deg Junction 65mm..
Ex Tax:$11.56
Marley Downpipe 95deg Socket Bend 65mm
Out of Stock
Model: RB2.65
Marley Downpipe 95deg Socket Bend 65mm..
Ex Tax:$8.60
Marley Downpipe Adaptor 65-90mm
Out of Stock
Model: RA65.90
Marley Downpipe Adaptor 65-90mm..
Ex Tax:$4.47
Model: RAS80
Marley Downpipe Adaptor 80-old AHI 90mm..
Ex Tax:$6.26
Model: RWDD
Marley Downpipe Diverter..
Ex Tax:$70.88
Marley Downpipe End Cap 80mm
Out of Stock
Model: CS80
Marley Downpipe End Cap 80mm..
Ex Tax:$8.01
Model: RS80
Marley Downpipe Jointing Socket 80mm..
Ex Tax:$5.08
Model: RC65
Marley Downpipe Pipe Clip 65mm..
Ex Tax:$2.90
Model: RC80
Marley Downpipe Pipe Clip 80mm..
Ex Tax:$3.36
Model: RC65.2
Marley Downpipe Pipe Clip-2 Part 65mm..
Ex Tax:$5.54
Model: RC80.2
Marley Downpipe Pipe Clip-2 Saddle 80mm..
Ex Tax:$5.25
Model: SKIT80
Marley Downpipe Spreader Kit 80mm..
Ex Tax:$19.86
Marley Dropper Outlet 100x50mm
Out of Stock
Model: MC11.100.50
Marley Dropper Outlet 100x50mm..
Ex Tax:$9.79
Model: RWST
Marley Outlet Strainer..
Ex Tax:$12.18
Marley Socket Bend 80mm 95deg
Out of Stock
Model: RB2.80
Marley Socket Bend 80mm 95°..
Ex Tax:$8.24
Model: MWC
Marley Solvent Welding Cement 180g Tube..
Ex Tax:$18.60
Model: MS3
Marley Stormcloud Combination Stopend - Lefthand..
Ex Tax:$4.95
Model: MS4
Marley Stormcloud Combination Stopend - Righthand..
Ex Tax:$4.95
Model: MS17
Marley Stormcloud Expansion Jointer..
Ex Tax:$24.94
Model: RP65
Marley Round Downpipe 65mm 3.0m..
Ex Tax:$34.07
Model: RP80
Marley Round Downpipe 80mm 3.0m..
Ex Tax:$38.27
Model: 101.100.88
Stormwater Pipe 88 deg Plain SCJ Bend - Each..
Ex Tax:$6.64
Stormwater Pipe 90mm PVC-U - 6.0m
Out of Stock
Model: 140.100
Pipe Clip 100mm PVC - Each ..
Ex Tax:$7.27
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