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Canzac Stego Tape 100mm x 55m
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Cemplus 1L
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Model: CP1
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Dricon Civilplast 25kg
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Model: TMN30
Dricon Trade Mortar® is clean graded sand, cement and plasticiser proportioned to give an ideal spreadable and workable mortar for all types of masonry, brick and stone work, for the trade. Trade Mortar® is formulated to reach a target strength of 12.5MPa in 28 days...
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Model: TW300
Tie wire is primarily used for to fix reinforcing steel links, stirrups, starters, bar and other components together so they remain the correct position during pouring of concrete.Annealed tie wire is more flexible than Galvanised tie wire.Better ductility than galvanised tie wireAvailable in a vari..
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