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Padlocks / D Shackles

M12 'D' Shackle Galv
Out of Stock
Model: M10DSG
Ideal for a wide range of rigging jobs, lifting, towing and tying down loads, Quick and easy to use, connect and disconnect and suitable for heavy duty use...
Ex Tax:$7.20
Model: MA 140D
40mm Solid Brass lock body.Hardened steel shackle.6mm Shackle thickness, 22mm clearance.Lifetime warranty.Available keyed to differ and keyed alike...
Ex Tax:$16.43
Model: MLMP1902Q
These 40mm solid brass padlocks come in a 4 pack (keyed alike), and are ideal for securing lockers, trunks, cupboards, sheds or residential gates.Brass body and cylinder for resistance against rust and corrosionHardened steel shackle for cut resistanceDual locking levers for pry resistance4-pin cyli..
Ex Tax:$29.00
Model: MA 604D
40mm solid aluminum body brass finishSteel shackle4-digit set-your-own combination convenience..
Ex Tax:$26.76
Master Lock Trailer Shackle 70mm
Out of Stock
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